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NexTier Technologies is an Information Technology, Software Services & Consulting company that strives to provide Quality professional customer service.  We are capable of providing a wide range of technology solutions no matter what the size of your organization. 

NexTier Technologies provides solutions for I.T., SaaS, ERP & Cloud software systems for Enterprise business clients.

Our professional technology experts will help your business get the best use of I.T & Cybersecurity efficiently.

Software Services

I.T. Infrastructure Management

Cloud & Hosted Data Solutions

Communications Solutions

Cloud data backup 

Networking Storage Solutions

Our professional technology experts will help your business get the best use of your I.T. network and telecommunication systems to work efficiently. 

I.T. Infrastructure Management

Our IT Infrastructure Management Services help companies to maintain and improve the performance and availability of their production environments with an agnostic approach by using new technologies, methodologies and tools. By implementing BPA, RPA and deploying Infrastructure as Code the business will maximize  effectiveness to allow key resources to focus on more strategic activities, improve  customer experience and reduce operating costs. 

Cloud & Hosted data solutions

We offer tailored data services solutions, including exploratory data analysis, database management, building prediction models, and the creation of complete decision support systems and data-powered products for large and small private enterprises. With clients’ business needs at the core of our approach, we conduct comprehensive research and analysis to find the right technology to spur it all. 

VOIP & Cloud Hosted Telecom

Cloud-based VoIP achieves end-to-end phone connectivity through the internet instead of a local server or a traditional phone solution. Businesses that switch to cloud-based VoIP experience lower costs and instant access to dozens of advanced calling capabilities. This includes call routing, voicemail to email, IVR, etc. VoIP service from the cloud is compatible with nearly all of today’s VoIP desk phones and can be used with a downloadable app. 

Networking & Storage Solutions

Innovative Technologies provides server, network, and storage products for any environment. Systems Integration Engineers are certified with industry leading providers such as Microsoft & VMWare. Components and Solutions are customized and integrated from manufactures such as VMWARE , Cisco, Dell, EMC,  IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle and ESX. 

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 About Us: NexTier Data Technologies is an IT-Cybersecurity-Software Consulting service & management company that strives to provide professional service for your business. We are capable of providing a wide range of data services no matter what the size of your company.