The NexTier Data Technologies

Who we are: A brief history

NexTier Data Technologies was formed to provide a high level of Technology Services to Business Organizations in North Texas including the Fort Worth-Dallas regional area.

NexTier Data Technologies has been an I.T./Software Support & Cybersecurity business in Texas and beyond for over 15 years. We are able to provide business solutions and support clients nationwide with our dynamic technology systems and support model. 

IT Data & Software Support Team for High level IT Project Management

What we do and why we do it!

Today our team at NexTier Data Technologies is able to provide a variety of services that will benefit your business in all aspects of technology platforms.

Commonly Asked Questions"

Why do Computer Networks Need Continuous Monitoring and Updates? 

PC’s and network equipment are complex systems that need to be managed and updated by Professional I.T. experts who can recognize problems that are hidden, or even the potential issues that occur when not setting up the PC network environment properly. 

Are Buying Computers or Routers For My Business From the “Big Box” Stores or Online a Wise Choice? 

Although some Big Box retailers seem to offer good deals on computers, laptops etc they are not the same quality or designed to meet the demand of business class network computing requirements. Innovative Technologies partners with many Technology companies to ensure the best quality of equipment and the right solutions which we then configure and implement securely & professionally.  

What is Voice-Over-IP Phone Service and Why is it Popular? Is it Expensive to Obtain?  

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a technology developed years ago. It is designed to send phone communication traffic through your data network for cost efficiency with several other features. However, this technology is not always implemented properly, and there are many technical aspects of it to consider before just choosing a VOIP provider that could cause security concerns and limit the benefits of this technology. Innovative Technologies knows VOIP & we provide cost saving solutions for your business.  

What Makes NT Technologies Stand Out? 

While there are many “computer repair” guys out there who can update PC’s or look for viruses, our company does not stand in that category. Our team provides complete technology solutions for your business with a focus on Network Design & Security, I.T. Infrastructure Management, VOIP Telecommunications Solutions, and Data Disaster Recovery Solutions which is critical to a business that wants to operate smoothly.  When you need help with your computers, network, or telephone system, contact us. We know exactly what your business needs and you will benefit from using expert secure operating solutions.